The Whole Company is 100% Danish

– our new name says everything The Whole Company
A whole company of market leaders The Whole Company is a holding company for a number of Denmark’s best-known brands. While each of them has their individual qualities they all have one thing in common. They are all a bit healthier alternatives to what is generally available on the market.

Therefore, they have joined forces under one name that says it all:
The Whole Company. A simple name with a double reference to health and wholeness. With a new name comes a new logo. We’ve chosen colours from the nature and a clear symbol of growth. The Whole Company has plans for future growth.

Here is everything The Whole Company stands for today:

Castus logo

Natural quality since 1952

The philosophy of Castus is simple: Castus is a Danish quality product and the perfect choice for an on the go snack. Castus products are rich in natural energy, fibre and healthy fruit. Every year Castus produces millions of fruit bars. In Denmark every Dane in average consumes more than 5 Fruit Bars a year. In addition to nutritional composition our success is linked to how Castus Fruit Bars make it easy to eat healthily on the go.


A tea tradition for more than 90 years 

Fredsted The has been a part of a good tea time since 1917. Over the years our assortment has come to cover everything from refreshing herbal teas to classic black teas, from fruit teas to oriental green and white teas. Fredsted The is market leader on the Danish retail market and is part of almost every tea break.


Worth talking about 

Trope is the story of a man who decided to sell cones with nutritional nuts and sun ripened dried fruits through supermarkets. On his first day back in 1990 he sold 10,000 cones! Today Trope is an established brand with a wide range of exotic products. It’s all about healthy snacks.


Natural Medicines and dietary supplements

In 2010 The Whole Company bought a 76.4% stake in Jemo-pharm, a company producing natural medicines and dietary supplements for the Scandinavian and Polish markets. At Jemo-pharm we develop our products ourselves as well as producing products on contract. The business is GMP-certified.

Heidelberg logo

The Dane’s favourite vinegar

For almost 150 years, Heidelberg has been the preferred brand in Denmark when it comes to pickling.